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We proudly present:

Blue Farm x BLÆK
In cooperation with Blue Farm, we have developed the perfect oat cappuccino to enable delicious coffee enjoyment with the best oat milk, easily, anywhere and at any time! No matter whether on the mountain, in the office or workshop, studio or road trip. 

The Blue Farm x BLÆK Barista Oat Cappuccino is organic and vegan. 
100% natural - no added sugar or oil.
Gluten and lactose free.
Combined with our BLÆK NØ.3 - fair trade.

One pack contains 300 g of oat cappuccino, which corresponds to around 17-25 cups depending on the cup size.

The Barista Oat Base conjures up the perfect foam on the coffee and tastes delicious both hot and as iced coffee!!

For all those who don't know you yet...
Who is Blue Farm 💙?

Blue Farm from Berlin, develops purely plant-based products that are quickly and easily infused with water to create delicious, creamy drinks. They rely on natural recipes and avoid any additives.
The powder form of the products eliminates food waste, reduces packaging waste and reduces CO2 emissions. 
Not only the corporate philosophy and people behind Blue Farm, but also Blue Farm'sdelicious Barista Oat-Base is the perfect complement to BLÆK Premium Instant Coffee.


Our oat cappuccino is creamy, slightly sweet with a delicious, intense coffee note on the finish. Hot as a cappuccino or cold with ice cubes to melt away.
The Blue Farm Barista Oat Base and our BLÆK NØ.3 coffee complement each other perfectly!

Current stated best before date: March 31, 2024  Official extension to: December 15, 2024!

Optimal preparation

It's best to use about 12 g per 100 ml of hot water (around 75 °C) for your perfect cappuccino.

Our favorite preparation:

As a cappuccino:
- 24 g oat cappuccino (4 x heaped BLÆK spoons)
- 180 ml hot water 
- Mix well
- Foam for 3-5 seconds

As an iced coffee:
- 24 g oat cappuccino (4 x heaped BLÆK spoons)
- 50 ml hot water
- Mix well
- 120 ml cold (pre-chilled water) 
- Ice cubes!

Et, Voila!

Production & Ingredients

For our oat cappuccino we only use 100% premium organic Arabica beans as well as organic, vegan and gluten-free oat milk powder from Blue Farm. We have no place for sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Instead, BLÆK relies on gentle roasting and an innovative drying method, which allows the many to gently extract and preserve fine coffee aromas. Find out more about our
Production process.


BLÆK not only tastes delicious, but is also good for the environment.
Our packaging is made of monoplastic and is therefore 100% recyclable.
We try to minimize our impact on the environment along our entire value chain and are constantly moving towards greater sustainability and social responsibility. 

You can find more facts, figures and goals on the topic under Sustainability.

Organic control body:


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Einfach lecker

Ich bin total begeistert von dem Cappuccino. Zu Hause würde ich weiter Kaffee aus unserer Siebträgermaschine trinken, aber fürs Büro die perfekte Lösung! Endlich anständiger Kaffee im Büro!

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