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    What is instant coffee?

    Instant coffee or instant coffee impresses above all with its practical preparation method. Unfortunately, the taste often suffers as a result. We changed that. What matters is which beans are selected and how the coffee is extracted. Our high-quality coffee beans are selected and then mildly roasted. Then the extraction begins. We brew large amounts of coffee, surpassing even the largest #morningcoffee cup. Here, the interplay of temperature and pressure is crucial. Next, the extract is freeze-dried and made into our fine instant coffee.

    What is Specialty Instant Coffee?

    For our instant coffees we use coffee beans with a high quality standard. "Specialty" coffee beans are coffee beans that are tasted by neutral coffee experts, so-called "Q-graders", and rated according to an objective rating scale. If coffee beans are awarded at least 80 points, one speaks of specialty coffee beans or "specialty" coffee beans. The objective expertise of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) ensures the high standards of the awards to highlight the highest quality and best taste and full-bodied aroma for the customer.

    What distinguishes BLÆK from conventional instant coffee?

    BLÆK stands for Coffee Revolution! ! With our premium instant coffee, we deliver a great coffee experience, no matter when or where. All you need is hot water! While conventional instant coffees often use low-quality beans, which are sourced from many different growing countries around the world, we focus on quality instead of quantity. We only use very high quality, sustainably grown coffee beans for which we can guarantee traceability. In addition, we gently roast our coffee beans in small quantities, which gives the coffee a pleasant, round coffee profile. We find that classic instant coffee is often roasted too dark, leaving a heavy, bitter, and sometimes ashy aftertaste.
    Conventional instant coffee production usually aims for a high yield. They rely on enormous heat and pressure, which over-extracts the coffee. Flavors are released that make the coffee taste uneven. We, on the other hand, rely on gentle extraction, in which the aromas are optimally dissolved and preserved. The result is a balanced flavor profile.

    What is the caffeine content of BLÆK?

    One of the most decisive factors for the caffeine content is the use of the two types of coffee, Arabica versus Robusta. While Arabica is generally considered the high-quality coffee variety, which is finer and more interesting in taste, Robusta is considered more of an earthy, dark coffee bean. Because Robusta beans grow at a lower height, the plant is more "robust" or more resistant to heat and pests. To protect against this, the plant contains a higher caffeine content. Thus, Robusta coffee beans are significantly stronger than Arabica coffee beans (about twice as much caffeine as in Arabica). All our coffees are 100% Arabica coffees and contain at least 2.3% to 2.5% caffeine.
    That means our regular coffees have around 72 mg of caffeine per cup (3 g BLÆK).
    Our NØ.4 Decaf has a maximum caffeine content of 0.3% - which corresponds to the legal value for decaffeinated coffee. The caffeine content of our current Decaf NØ.4 is even less than 0.1%.

    How much water do I use for my BLÆK?

    After many tests and tastings, trial and errors, calculations and measurements, we found the perfect amount of water and that is exactly 200 ml at 3 g BLÆK.
    This amount corresponds to a "normal cup" that we all have at home. But what is normal anyway? We would like to encourage all BLÆK connoisseurs to experiment a little with the amount and discover the variety of drinks that can be made with our coffee. From the awakening espresso shot to the XXL milk coffee.
    For the coffee geeks we have the calculation method here:

    3 g of instant coffee, portioned in our sachets or the BLÆK spoon, corresponds to exactly 1.35%, in a 200 ml cup - according to the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), this is the perfect ratio of common filter coffee (recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association Europe).

    What temperature should the water be?

    Let's answer the question like this: The temperature should be as high as you like drinking your cup of coffee. He's already been brewed. That means you only have to reach drinking temperature. Experience has shown that this is around 75 °C . When processing the beans, we made sure that our coffee is soluble in cold water. This is particularly useful for slow camping stoves or on warm summer days.
    If you do boil the water to 100 °C, we recommend that you then let it cool down for a minute or two with the lid open to reach 75 °C. At this temperature, all the notes and the aroma of the coffee can develop best.

    How long does BLÆK keep?

    No panic! It is very durable. Our coffee has a shelf life of at least two years . So you have plenty of time to enjoy the coffee... Our sachets have a particularly robust barrier and are therefore the all-rounders that can be enjoyed for a long time even in high humidity.
    With our glasses, however, we recommend that you make sure that the lid is screwed on tightly and that no coffee powder is hanging in the screw cap. This will prevent moisture from getting into the glass.

    How do you pronounce BLÆK?

    As you can already guess... the Danish letter Æ, a combination of A and E, is very close to the German Ä. That's why we say BLÄK [bläck].

    Why is BLÆK particularly good for travel?

    As outdoor fans and coffee nerds that we are, enjoyable coffee is indispensable on all adventures, big and small, and therefore part of our story. It's not without reason that "great coffee anywhere" is a motto of BLÆK! Outdoor adventures without delicious coffee are like bread without butter. BLÆK is basically the idea of ​​creating a coffee experience that fits into any hiking backpack, no matter how full. We are particularly pleased that BLÆK is also popular in the hiking and cycling community and that we can sweeten one or the other adventure on the bike or on foot!

    Delicious instant coffee decaffeinated? Is the?

    Indeed. We are also surprised and very proud of it. Our NØ.4 Decaf has notes of apricot and brown sugar, a real treat among the 0815, decaffeinated coffees! Be sure to try it!

    What am I doing wrong?

    We designed BLÆK so that you really can't go wrong. If you still manage to do it, please tell us how you did it :)

    Where does BLÆK come from?

    Although we love and live the Scandi look and our founders lived in beautiful Copenhagen, they both come from Hamburg (Edgar) and Vienna (Luis).

    How fair is BLÆK?

    The well-being of the coffee farmers in the growing countries is our top priority, which is why we source our coffee beans from small cooperatives, which are often too small to achieve the Fairtrade label. We are proud to know that our coffee is not grown as a monoculture and os does not disrupt natural biodiversity. Our NØ.2 and NØ.3 are organically certified and we always work to get at least 75% of our coffee beans from Fairtrade sources. It is also our goal to be in direct contact with farmers to ensure good working conditions on the farms.

    What is there to know about the BLÆK boxes?

    Our BLÆK boxes are lovingly packed in our office in Hamburg before they set off into the wide world. For the design, we chose lightweight cardboard that you can easily recycle or, with a little imagination, upcycle. Our friends set very creative standards: the boxes are great for card games, lovingly rolled cigarettes, tampons, condoms, pictures of ex-partners, lucky charms and whatever else you have in your pocket. Got an even cooler idea on how to upcycle BLÆK boxes? Send us your suggestion on Instagram and we'll exchange it for a little goodie from us. :)

    What is there to know about the BLÆK sachets?

    Our smallest and most challenging packaging are the small BLÆK sachets.
    Our sachets consist of a mono material, which is optimized with different surfaces. It preserves the delicious coffee aroma in the sachet and prevents the exchange with water vapour. It is functional and environmentally friendly. The packaging can be easily recycled and therefore belongs in the yellow bin.
    Food packaging, especially for products as delicate as instant coffee, is a major challenge. We are always looking for new, more sustainable materials that offer a robust barrier and meet sustainability requirements.

    What is there to know about the BLÆK glasses?

    Our glasses are an absolute feast for the eyes and the packaging with the best chance of becoming an upcycling star. They represent the highest barrier for the product. They are airtight and inspire recycling! Made from high-quality amber glass with a screw cap made from the mono-material Bakelite, you can easily return it to the recycling cycle. We only have two rules for this:

    1) Be sure to unscrew the lid and dispose of it as recyclable material in the yellow bin. The glass then goes into the amber glass bin.

    2) Unleash your creativity!

    How about a small BLÆK glass collection that can be turned into an ultra-cool, unified spice rack? We've also been told that our glass looks like a candle from afar... or a scrub. Well then, time for the next DIY session. Creative gift ideas are particularly useful during the Christmas season. PS: sustainable and doesn't put so much strain on the wallet. :)

    Merchandise: T-shirt sizes

    We offer our first shirt design in three unisex sizes: S, M, and L according to the US size chart. We still recommend ordering one size larger as there may be discrepancies with the EU/US size guides. For exact measurements and size recommendations, please write to us on social media or to

    Where do our t-shirt designs come from?

    The BLÆK team! The design was the result of a bottle of wine at an inspiring location with the team and Zack the cool merch idea was born. Everything is not so serious and with a lot of fun. :)

    How long does delivery take?

    Within Germany, the shipping time is usually 2 - 4 working days from receipt of payment. Worldwide shipping can take up to 9 business days.

    What payment methods are there?

    Payment is possible via credit or debit card, Paypal, direct debit, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amex and Klarna. Would you like to pay for your purchase in installments? Then we offer the convenient installment purchase invoice via Klarna. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.