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Oskar Oatbar meets BLÆK!

Born from a passion for cycling and with the aim of producing energy bars that are not only rich but also taste delicious, in our opinion Oskar Oatbar has the simple and healthy oat snack perfected.
100% organic, handmade and sustainably packaged.
Ideal for any adventure!
Together with
Oskar Oatbar, we enable you to have the perfect combination of delicious coffee and powerful Oatbar snacks with you for all your activities.
Which bundle is best for your daily adventures?

Choose one of our 3 x sets:
- Oatbars & Boxes
- Oatbars & glasses 


Oatbar set 

6 x Oskar Oatbars Basic+C(offee) each
(60g per bar) 

The new oat bars from Oskar Oatbar Basic+C combined with coffee powered by BLÆK are the healthy snack including coffee enjoyment. Simple, powerful, timeless, not very sweet and with plenty of power. 100% organic, handmade and sustainably packaged. We couldn't imagine a better combination!

Oatbars & Boxes Set 

1 x box of BLÆK each (all 4 varieties)

Je 1 x Oskar Oatbar (alle 3 Sorten)

NUTS: Lots of nuts I strong, salty I sweet 
VEGAN: Malty I sweet I salty I popcorn
CLASSIC: Hearty I juicy I salty I barely sweet

With the set consisting of three Oskar Oatbar bars in the following varieties CLASSIC, VEGAN & NUTS and all 4 varieties of BLÆK, you have a delicious selection of perfect snacks and tasty coffee ready for your next outdoor adventure. Whether on the bike, on the mountain, traveling, at a picnic or when you need a little boost in the office.

Oatbars & Glasses Set: 

1 each BLÆK glass NØ1, NØ2 & NØ3
3 x Oskar Oatbar - BASIC
(60g per bar)

The Oatbars & Glasses Set includes three delicious BASIC Oskar Oatbar bars and three glasses of BLÆK for an enjoyable break - because a delicious cup of coffee also includes a good snack! The grainy, sweet and salty bar is the perfect combination with our coffees.


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BLÆK & Oatbar Set

BLÆK & Oatbar Set

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