We have to talk about sustainability! We believe that every company and every individual has a duty to reduce her impact on the environment as much as possible.

There is a lot at risk and currently the future does not look so bright. So we decided to do everything that we can do to limit our impact on this beautiful planet. But! We have to admit we are not where we want to be. Yet! There is a lot we still have to learn as an individual and as a company, but we are working on it! We constantly try to reduce our COemissions, are on the lookout for more sustainable materials for our packaging and cut waste as much as possible. Please help us with this.

We know that our customers are bright minds, and you know a lot about cool new concepts. So please reach out to us with any suggestion for improvements. We want to learn! Lots of love, and thank you for caring for this planet too.

We introduced our Home Kit to allow you to go zero waste.
Our Sachets are Alu-free and produce 51% less COthan conventional packaging. 67% of the packaging material is made out of renewable resources such as wood leftovers, sugar can and vegetable oils.


We put a lot of thinking in this. In fact, we spent months on making the ‘right’ decision for our packaging. We wanted to keep the environmental impact as low as possible, while preserving the freshness and taste of our coffee.

We visited all congresses, seminars and trade fairs we heard about to find the best material for our packaging. Eventually, we stumbled upon some material that was labelled as compostable, but required a far higher energy input for the production. In fact, with the current infrastructure in place it would not be composted after all. This dilemma showed us that there is no straightforward solution. Every material seems to come with certain advantages and drawbacks.

We want to be 100% sure to decide for a better packaging rather than just green-wash. The majority of energy and resources goes actually in the coffee brewing process, however the problem that is mainly discussed is packaging waste. Another big problem is the waste of resources, like coffee. This means, although we definitely have to reduce our packaging waste, first we have to consume less and throw away less. Our packaging helps to do so by preventing you to use too much coffee or letting it go bad.

Our zero waste Home Edition and our alu-free packaging allow you to enjoy great coffee without any regrets.

Coffee Beans

We want our coffee to taste good but have been very concerned about it’s footprint too. While many sustainable issues are a choose-either-or-problem. These two work very well together. Frequently, the farmers who care about sustainability and fair wages produce some of the best coffee too.

The coffee we receive from the small farms is rainforest alliance certified, which requires ethical work conditions and sustainable practices. Additionally, the communities we partner up with have small farms of 2 hectares and plant shade-grown coffee. This practice is far more healthy for the ecosystem  and makes the coffee less receptive for coffee rust, the most widespread disease of coffee plants.  In the future we want to strengthen our relationship with the farmers and support protective measures for the coffee plantation.


Our product is very light which reduces the impact on the environment substantially, yet we are not satisfied. Therefore, we compensate all our emissions that are caused by your home delivery, avoid wasteful plastic filling materials and only use paper and cardboard to make sure that our coffee arrives at your place safely.