The coffee shop for your pocket

Instant coffee that tastes like from your barista


What makes
BLÆK special

Sustainably Sourced

From farms with a focus on
sustainability for a greener future.

100% Natural

No sugar, no preservatives
or any other junk.

Premium Coffee

Only the best quality Arabica Coffee beans from highlands.

Roasted Optimal

Each roast profile is created to develop flavour notes optimally.

Innovative process

Revolutionary brewing method to keep the full aroma of the coffee.

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Great coffee anywhere






Why is BLAEK special?

We start with specialty grade and organic arabica coffee beans only grown at high altitudes. Our innovative brewing process allows us to extract the coffee without the typical bitterness that instant coffee is known for. Our unique method keeps all the freshness and aromas of the coffee.

Great coffee anywhere

We want to be part of your daily routine as well as your adventures.
BLÆK makes Specialty Coffee hassle-free. No brewer, grinder or scale needed. Enjoy world-class coffee anywhere, in an instant. No matter if you are in the office, in school, outdoor, in an airplane or at home your coffee should always be delicious. 

roasting coffee

Stop the waste

Consumption is always connected to waste. At BLÆK we work hard to reduce the waste as much as possible. We have to reduce the waste produced by capsules and to-go cups and offer you a more sustainable and tastier alternative.

With our BLÆK Home Editions you can cut down your plastic waste production down to zero. Our To-Go Box is made out of cardboard and for our individual packs we soon use a foil, which is to 67% made out of renewable materials such as sugarcane and plant oils.  

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Our Story

It all started with great coffee. Edgar and Luis became friends in Copenhagen while drinking coffee in one of the great coffee shops of this town. They were shocked by the huge gap between delicious coffee in trendy cafés and the coffee at university or outdoor adventures. Coffee does not only wake you up, it is an invitation for a break. A moment for yourself that you want to enjoy. Good coffee is the beginning of relationships, adventures and our daily life. BLÆK wants to make these moments possible.

How to enjoy BLÆK? 


Add 230ml water