Our Process

We believe that good coffee should be available to you, wherever you go. So we made our first Specialty Instant Coffee that you can bring in your back-pocket! You can now have a delicious cup of coffee in seconds, no matter if you are at home and about to miss the bus, in the office and tired of the dull filter coffee, on a sailboat, at your boyfriend’s parents place, in a tent in the alps, on a bike trip through the heart of France or just feeling lazy.


BLÆK does not have any other ingredients than coffee. No additives or preservatives, just 100% Single Origin Arabica beans. Let us tell you more about the process and how we get from our specialty grade coffee beans to the final product. Upholding quality from farm to cup.

We roast it

There are many different opinions out there how to perfectly roast beans and one thing for sure, there is no objective truth. We believe that a lot of coffee is roasted too dark. Giving it a bitter, harsh and sometimes astringent taste.

But to be honest, we do not enjoy drinking that super light roast all the time either. It gives us a little stomachache. We tried to settle somewhere in the middle and roast our coffee lighter than industrial roasters.

We did that together with professional barista’s and the country’s roast experts. The medium roast profile brings out all the sweetness in your cup, while maintaining it’s beautiful complexity and leaving that hint of acidity that you can find, if you look for it.

We brew it

In order to extract only the good tasting parts out of the coffee beans we brew our beans using a revolutionary method. How we do that exactly? That's our little secret. The exact way is actually a trade secret and we therefore can not share it.

But let us share this with you. You probably have some kind of filter coffee machine at home, if you are lucky it is a Moccamaster. We use a similar device that is quite a bit bigger and works slightly different. It is important to extract the bean while using as little water as possible. Think of the concentration of an espresso and our coffee is even a little bit more thick. This is important, otherwise we need to boil our coffee extract too much to concentrate it. Which leaves you with a very bitter and harsh taste.

Our brewing method is bridging the gap between the perfect extraction and the right concentration or to use coffee geek words: Total Disolved Solids (TDS).

We freeze-dry it!

That might sound intimidating to you. Quite frankly it is a complicated process that we played with a lot until we got the right fine-tuning. First you need to freeze the coffee, then you create a vacuum and then slowly raise the temperature. So the frozen water in your coffee gets into the air and all that is left is your extracted coffee. 

Basically, it is a physical method to get rid of all the water in your coffee. This makes your coffee taste good for so long.

So yes! BLÆK Specialty Instant Coffee has been Specialty Coffee once before. We really did everything what usually happens in your favourite coffee shop around the block and then we dry it. So you just have to add water again to enjoy your coffee.

In short

• Single Origin, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

• Medium Roast in small batches and less heat

• Revolutionary Brewing Method with right extraction rate

• Freeze Drying at lower temperature to preserve the full taste profile

•  Up to 3 times more coffee per cup than ordinary instant coffee