Our Coffee

Great Coffee is always the beginning. No matter if it is a hiking trip, a busy day, your lazy Sunday morning or this start-up. At BLÆK we place premium coffee at the heart of everything we do. It is our specialty grade coffee that makes BLÆK special.


We get our beans from small farms and community cooperatives in Huila.

This region in Colombia is home to some of the most sublime coffee. Its mountainous areas and the tropical climate is ideal for growing high quality coffee.

Specialty Coffee

We still remember the first time we cupped our two coffee beans varieties Typica and Caturra from the cooperatives in Huila. The sweetness was overwhelming, the intense mouthfeel and the mild acidity was just on-point. The strong chocolate and tart notes instantly convinced us and we knew now that those would be the right beans for our coffee. When we learned more about the farmers’ traditional practices we were smitten for good.

The communities we partner with take pride in hand-picking each coffee cherry and harvesting them at their peak ripeness. This high-level of care got rewarded. Our farmer’s coffee was distinguished as "Specialty Coffee", a label for only the best beans in the world. In fact, they belong to the same category of beans like the ones used by some specialty coffee micro-roasters in your neighbourhood. If you are not familiar with all these words do not worry, we did not use to be either. Just imagine a quality that is by far superior to the beans you find in capsules and the coffee chain with the green logo.


Coffee from Peru has developed a lot recently. It is a growing coffee region and every year the quality is improving. Peruvian coffee is known for its rich sweetness and medium body. It is typically quite low in acidity but yet has always some interesting notes.

We are very proud to get our organic Arabica coffee from Peru. Grown ecologically in the Peruvian highlands it developed a strong sweetness that tastes like honey and milk chocolate and finishes with a mild acidity resembling wild berries. Its balanced taste profile make it a great coffee for your mornings. 


It is important to us that our partnerships are mutually beneficial. That's why we aspire to develop long-lasting relationships, so we can have a real impact on the community and to improve the quality of our coffee.

Our beans are organic or Rainforest Alliance certified. Demanding sustainable as well as ethical practices for growing coffee. Over time, we hope to improve our relationship further and work even closer with the smaller than 2 hectare coffee farms. So we can adapt the coffee profile exactly to your taste.

After hand-picking the coffee cherries, they get depulped and wet processed (washed) to emphasize their clean and vibrant taste. We then directly import those high-grade coffee beans to Hamburg to make them to our great tasting instant coffee.

Enjoy BLÆK

We encourage you to play around here.
There is not one single correct way of enjoying BLÆK.

This is how we like it best.

1. Prepare some 75°C water
2. Give the sachet a good shake
3. Add coffee and 230ml of water
4. Drink it!

If you like some milk to your coffee
still only add 230ml of liquid in total.