About BLÆK

Sometimes having a delicious cup of coffee at hand isn’t easy at all. So we often had to drink aggressively mediocre coffee, and sometimes we did not have any at all. The combination of love for great coffee and the disappointment we felt if we could not get good coffee, motivated us to start our business.

Our company BLÆK, was founded in Hamburg in 2019. The name already indicates our connection to the Scandinavian way of living which we experienced during our time in Copenhagen. We decided to build our business around the three values of Simplicity, Quality and Design. BLÆK is combining the simplicity of a high quality instant coffee with an aesthetic and timeless design.


We want to make Specialty Coffee more accessible for you! No brewer, grinder or scale necessary. Enjoy world-class coffee anywhere, in an instant. 

In previous lives we have been baristas, dishwashers, bartenders, soldiers, cashiers, students, sailors, embassy employees, financial risk analysts, hobby skaters and world travellers. We did all kinds of stuff and we hope we can do many more in the future. No matter what goal we were chasing after, there was one thing that always stuck with us, it’s coffee. We think a good cup of coffee can always brighten your day.

Obsessed with the idea of having a delicious cup of coffee that you can always bring with you in your bag or even in your pocket we started to suck in every piece of information about coffee that we found. We spent over one year developing our coffee until we were able to develop a product that lives up to our expectations. Our Specialty Grade Coffee from Huila, Columbia is exactly what we were looking for and the perfect mixture between complexity, sweetness and a hint of acidity. We hope this coffee also convinces you that Instant Coffee does not need to be bad at all. But that's not it.

Why? Although we are really into our well-balanced Huila coffee our journey just started, and we are working on more yummy specialty coffees that we want to introduce you to. Do not be turned off by the instant, our focus was on the specialty throughout the whole process. Try it yourself!