Our mission is the premium instant coffee revolution!

BLÆK combines the convenience of instant coffee with the quality of premium coffee beans from sustainable cultivation, thereby filling the gap between convenience and enjoyment.

With this idea, BLÆK has set out to revolutionize the instant coffee market and create an alternative to conventional coffee preparation methods. BLÆK makes it possible for both coffee connoisseurs and morning grouches to enjoy good coffee in an uncomplicated manner at any time.

In our ambitious project, the focus is on the quality, taste and sustainability of the product.

Great Coffee Anywhere.

That is why we deal with the concept of modern lifestyle and the potential of daily convenience in our brand philosophy.

With BLÆK we want to be part of your routine and give you more space for what is important to you.

In doing so, we never lose sight of contemporary values ​​and demands. Sustainability, social responsibility and product experience are the absolute focus. We lovingly develop our coffees for everyone who values ​​good coffee and at the same time enjoys simple preparation.

That's why our claim is: Great Coffee Anywhere .

The mild, gentle roasting as well as our innovative extraction method and subsequent freeze-drying guarantee that the full-bodied taste of our 100% highland Arabica beans is preserved. The small, lightweight to-go box allows you to take the coffee experience with you wherever you go, while our glass HOME Edition is best for those who like to stock up a bit more.

For us, quality assurance also means social responsibility: BLÆK obtains the beans from plantations that do not plant coffee as a monoculture. This serves to preserve biodiversity and reduces the use of pesticides.

The coffee comes from small cooperatives with transparent reporting, which guarantee the well-being and fair working conditions of the coffee farmers.

The Fairtrade seal serves as a guide for many people interested in coffee, but many of these cooperatives are often too small to finance the costs of this award. Therefore we support our partners in this process.

We also participate in the 1% for the Planet initiative, where companies donate 1% of profits to non-profit NGOs annually, with a strong environmental focus.

Our coffees NØ.2 , NØ.3 and NØ.4 are certified organic and we are currently working towards sourcing at least 75% of the coffee from Fairtrade sources .

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BLÆK Premium Instant Coffee Mixed Set

BLÆK - Specialty Instant Coffee

BLÆK Premium Instant Coffee Mixed Set

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