Our story

How instant coffee became delicious.

It all started in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark, where our two founders, Luis and Edgar , met during their studies.

It didn't take long before the enthusiastic exchange about study content, world travel and life stories was clouded by one topic - the undrinkable coffee at their university.

Spoiled by the specialty coffee roasters in town, the disappointment about the bad coffee at the university grew and the situation became clearer to both of them.

There are still too many places where you have to settle for bad coffee, such as in offices, when traveling and also in Luis and Edgar's hobbies: hiking, cycling, camping and sailing.

The cooperatives we work with are proud of the fact that each coffee kirscEncouraged by the disappointment that one experiences when sipping mediocre, often incorrectly brewed and simply bad coffee, it was immediately clear - delicious coffee was urgently needed that could be produced without much effort and equipment can be easily prepared anywhere and anytime.

As discerning connoisseurs with a thirst for action and an entrepreneurial spirit, the two of them started their research. Many barista forums, Excel spreadsheets, scientific studies and method books later, the niche was discovered:

Instant coffee that tastes good! Simply prepared and inspired by the classic minimalist lifestyle of Scandinavia. to pick by hand and to harvest them at the point of optimal maturity. This high level of care was rewarded. The coffee from our farmers has been awarded "Specialty Coffee", a label for the best beans in the world. In fact, they belong to the same category of beans as those used by the great coffee roasters in your city. If you're not familiar with this term, don't worry, we weren't used to either. Just think of coffee beans whose quality is well above that of coffee capsules or conventional supermarket coffee.

Now, three years later, we confidently step forward and revolutionize the instant coffee market. We conquer new areas and build new partnerships , invest in innovation and support local Doers & Makers with a full-bodied boost of energy.

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