Wie alles begann

It is often not that easy to get a delicious cup of coffee quickly and easily!

We often had to drink disappointing coffee while traveling, at university and in the office. The combination of love for good coffee and the disappointment we felt when we couldn't get good coffee motivated us to found BLÆK. Coffee that sat on the stovetop for hours should be history.



Hi BLÆK family!

Our company BLÆK was founded in Hamburg in 2019. As the name suggests, we are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life that we experienced during our time in Copenhagen.



We want to make specialty coffee more accessible for you! No brewer, no grinder and no scales are necessary. Enjoy world-class coffee anywhere, in no time.

In past lives we have been baristas, dishwashers, bartenders, soldiers, cashiers, students, sailors, embassy employees, risk analysts, hobby skaters, and world travelers. We've done everything possible and we hope to be able to do a lot more in the future. No matter what goal we pursued, one thing always stayed with us - the coffee! We think a good cup of coffee makes every day a little bit better.

Tasting days are the best days!

And why? While we are passionate about our delicious Huila coffee and balanced Peruvian coffee, our journey has only just begun. We are working on more delicious coffees that we want to share with you. Instant coffee can be good. Try it yourself!

Meeting day, are also okay!

have you tried our most intense coffee yet?

BLÆK Instant Coffee NØ.3 - Dark Roast - Glass

BLÆK - Specialty Instant Coffee

BLÆK Instant Coffee NØ.3 - Dark Roast - Glass

€16,65 EUR / 100 g
€9,99 EUR