Warum schmeckt BLÆK so gut?

Nur die besten Kaffeebohnen machen leckeren Instantkaffee, deswegen verwenden wir nur 100% Hochland Arabica


Nur die besten Arabica-Kaffeebohnen aus dem Hochland.

We developed a new method that takes all the nice flavours out of the coffee bean and keeps the bad stuff out.


Revolutionäre Extraktions-Methode zum Erhalt des Aromas.

We care for our environment, we only have one planet


Von nachhaltigen Kaffeefarmen mit Bio-Qualität

100% Kaffee und nichts anderes, keine künstliche Aromen oder Geschmacksverstärker.


Kein Zucker, keine Konservierungsstoffe. 100% Kaffee.

Durch unsere kleine Trommelröstung können sich die Aromen voll entfalten ohne störende Bitterstoffe

Ideal Geröstet

Jedes Röstprofil individuell auf Geschmacksnoten angepasst


BLÆK Ermöglicht Kaffee genuss überall & Jederzeit!

Entdecke deinen neuen Favoriten!

BLÆK Lunch Bag Set - Boxen

BLÆK Lunch Bag Set - Boxen

€18,90 EUR

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BLÆK Cappuccino

BLÆK Hafer Cappuccino

BLÆK Hafer Cappuccino

€4,32 EUR / 100 g
€12,95 EUR

inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Weitere Produkte


Flat White:

3g BLÆK + 30ml Wasser (70 Grad) + 170ml geschäumte Milch

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- BLÆK Martini
- BLÆK Tonic
- BLÆK Dalgona
- BLÆK Einspänner
- BLÆK Sparkling Orange
- BLÆK Frappe


It all started with a good cup of coffee. Edgar and Luis met in Copenhagen while drinking coffee in one of the city's great coffee shops. They were shocked by the huge gap between delicious coffee in trendy cafes and coffee at university or on outdoor adventures.

Coffee not only wakes you up, it is an invitation to take a break. A moment for yourself that you want to enjoy. A good coffee is the beginning of relationships, adventures and our daily life. BLÆK wants to make these moments possible.

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The most sustainable way to enjoy coffee

More coffee enjoyment less waste

Did you know that instant coffee is the sustainable form of coffee consumption? Every coffee bean is exploited 2x more thanks to our optimal extraction. In this way we avoid wasting valuable resources. Because the greatest energy consumption occurs through the wasting of raw materials.

At BLÆK we do not accept the unnecessary production of waste and want to make it easier for you to reduce waste. We need to eliminate the waste created by capsules and to-go cups. That's why we offer you a more sustainable and tastier alternative.

Say goodbye to rubbish with our BLÆK glass. Our to-go box is made of cardboard and our individual packaging consists of 67% renewable raw materials such as wood residues, sugar cane and vegetable oils and is 100% aluminum-free.

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