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Great coffee everywhere!

Forget everything you think about instant coffee.
BLÆK combines the best bean quality with the practicality of instant coffee, enabling great coffee enjoyment at any time.

If your coffee always runs out too quickly, then the Great Coffee Set is perfect for you.
This kit also provides coffee junkies with enough coffee to last them for some time. 
No matter where you are, at home, in the mountains or in the office. With BLÆK you can enjoy delicious coffee stress-free and without any equipment!


Great coffee set
2 x BLÆK NØ.1 - Box - Colombia
2 x BLÆK NØ.2 - Box - Medium Blend
2 x BLÆK NØ.2 - Glas - Medium Blend
2 x BLÆK NØ.3 - Glass - Dark Blend

This set contains approximately 50 coffees, depending on the dosage.

One box contains 7 sachets containing 3 g of coffee each.
Each BLÆK Home jar contains 60 g, ideal for 20 cups.

BLÆK NØ.1 - Colombia

Our delicate BLÆK NØ.1 Premium Instant Coffee is a superbly balanced coffee with flavors of caramel & bergamot. The coffee has a fine, balanced acidity and ends with a full-bodied and sweet taste. 
The coffee's light body and well-balanced flavor profile makes it a great coffee to enjoy without milk and sugar!

Strength           ●●○○
Complexity   ●●


BLÆK NØ.2 - Medium Blend

The coffee beans in our balanced BLÆK NØ.2 Medium Roast come from three exciting coffee regions and were grown under organic standards.
The blend of Mexico, Peru and Honduras creates a delicious flavor profile. Starting with a defined sweetness and ending with a milk chocolatey, berry note in the finish. The pleasant body and well-balanced flavor profile make it a great coffee, ideal in the morning with a small sip of milk.

Strength          ●●●○○

Organic control body: DE-ÖKO-034
Fairtrade ID: 46161



BLÆK NØ.3 - Dark Blend

Our coffee NØ.3 Premium Instant Coffee is an intense blend, with notes of cocoa and dates. The coffee is strongly roasted and contains particularly little acid. Its taste is reminiscent of classic espresso, but without the smoky and bitter aftertaste. The coffee beans are grown under fair trade and organic standards in Mexico, Peru and Honduras and offer a delicious coffee experience. The classic flavor profile makes the coffee one of the most popular in the range and tastes great with milk or oat milk foam!

Organic control body: DE-ÖKO-034
Fairtrade ID: 46161



Optimal preparation

It's best to use 3g to 200ml of liquid for your perfect cup of BLÆK.
Each BLÆK Home jar contains 60g, ideal for 20 cups.
One ​​box contains 7 sachets with 3 g of coffee each.

Depending on your preference, you can vary the amount of water and coffee powder to make your coffee stronger or milder.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the right temperature. BLÆK tastes best at a water temperature of around 70°C. At this temperature you can fully enjoy the many fine aromas of the coffee. If you cannot set your kettle to the right temperature, we advise you to add a sip of cold water to the boiling water or let the kettle cool down for 1-2 minutes. 

Little tip : You can also easily prepare other super delicious coffee drinks, such as a flat white or iced coffee. Here we have the perfect dosage for you.

Production & Ingredients

We only use 100% premium Arabica beans for our coffees. We have no place for sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives. Instead, BLÆK relies on gentle roasting and an innovative drying method, which allows the many fine coffee aromas to be gently extracted and preserved. Find out more about our Production process.


BLÆK not only tastes delicious, but is also good for the environment.
We try to minimize our impact on the environment along our entire value chain and are constantly moving towards greater sustainability and social responsibility. 

You can find more facts, figures and goals on the topic under Sustainability.

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Customer Reviews

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Atman M.S.G.
Blaek mag man eben!

Finde Blaek in allen seinen Varianten gut! Für mich persönlich wäre eine Blaek Decaf noch sehr spannend! Franz

Wolfgang R.

Ist ein perfekter Kaffee Genuss , Lieferung war Top ,werde wohl dabei bleiben.

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How is BLÆK made?

From the farm to your cup

Our exact process is secret. But we can reveal one thing. Without good coffee beans, there is no good coffee. That's why we only use the best beans with a specialty rating.

Taste the difference yourself!

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